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Chris Hales

novelist, screenwriter


Passion, Determination, Perseverance

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Chris is a writer living in the United Kingdom. He started his career as a screenwriter then became a contemporary novelist. He attended Southampton Solent University where he studied Writing Contemporary Fiction. His screenplays were internationally recognised. Chris writes his novels using a similar structure, pace and style to writing his films. In 2007 Chris was diagnosed with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Despite this terrible disease he lives his life according to his own personal mantra:


'With passion, determination and perseverance anything is possible.'




The Books


Chris currently has four books released on Amazon Kindle. Templar: Call to Arms, Templar: New Beginnings, Templar: Protect the Grail and Wild Intentions are all contemporary thrillers based on actual, historical events.

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Contemporary Author



Chris now publishes using Kindle Direct Publishing and currently has four released books. Most of his them are contemporary adaptations of real historical events.

His Templar Legacy books and Wild Intentions have been a wonderful success in the Amazon Kindle store.