Legend of the Thief Taker

Chris Hales©2013

Chris Hales

novelist, screenwriter


Passion, Determination, Perseverance

Wild Intentions

The Legend of the Thief Taker


Escaping a brutal life in Wolverhampton Jonathan Wild runs to London. He soon finds himself in debt and imprisoned. There he meets the infamous city marshal, Charles Hitchin. Plunging into the world of crime Jonathan soon finds his place as one of the most trusted by the underworld.


With Mary Milner, his prostitute lover, Jonathan soon assumes control of the gangs of London to develop the new idea of organised crime. He soon becomes king of the underworld.


Hitchin is always there as his nemesis battling for superiority but with Tom Edwards, an honourable and honest marshal, Jonathan develops a plan to rid London of this vile menace. A complex game of deceit and treachery ensues which hopes to declare someone the king of London’s Organised Crime.


As Thief Taker General of London and Great Britain Jonathan’s intelligence and risky games redefine crime and change the country. Things will never be the same…


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