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Chris Hales©2013

Chris Hales

novelist, screenwriter


Passion, Determination, Perseverance

Templar, Rise of an Order

Book I of the Templar Chronicle

The year 2040


The world thinks the Templar Order dead, but they now live on the Isle of White, watching the world for trouble.

William Sinclair is now the Duke of Edinburgh, and with his old brethren is working hard to create an order of Freemasons, but there are still those opposed to them. Trouble is brewing which threatens the safety of the world.

Enemies hope to collapse, and eliminate, the old Templars, and their first strike assassinates Oliver Benson, ‘the Overseer’. A trusted, and senior knight. This death upsets the Templars and starts an immediate investigation.

It is soon discovered Oliver was killed by a devious Russian assassin, but those behind the attacks against the Order are vengeful and committed. A collection of old enemies.

Can the Templars survive the threat of nuclear Armageddon, protect the world, and ensure Freemasonry, their son, lives to tell the tale?