Chris HalesĀ©2013

Chris Hales

novelist, screenwriter


Passion, Determination, Perseverance

Upcoming New Releases


Paperbacks are now available! All of Chris's Templar books are available as paperbacks through this website.


Chris' new book Nanny State will be available on Kindle in early 2016. It is a tale of dystopia set in 2068 in England when the totalitarian government has the ability to read the thoughts of the population. No one's life is safe. The authorities punish insubordination with an iron fist. The novel was inspired by Blade Runner and Minority Report.

Latest radio interview


Chris was hosted by Stephen Kidgell at and talked about his books in the morning show in July 2015.

This was the second time Chris was invited to take part in the show after his radio debut in September 2014.












Barry Moon and Chris Hales in the Afternoon Show in 2014.